Building the Domestic Church 

What is the Domestic Church?

It is believing that how you live your faith in your councils, families, parishes and community has a ripple effect that changes the world.  It is the council, the family and the parish that knows that everything they do must be based in surrendering prayer.  It describes the imperfect family and council who deliberately chooses to live contrary to what seems like a Godless world and says, “In our home, council and parish, we choose to live our faith.”

It is the family and council who prays together, goes to Mass weekly, frequents the Sacrament of Confession and (because they realize they are powerless without God), deliberately avoids that which pollutes their minds and hearts.  It is the imperfect, humble and joy-filled family and council that rarely preaches the faith because they are too busy living it.

Introducing the new Building the Domestic Church series, a collection of popular Catholic Information Service “CIS” books focused on issues of vital importance for Catholic families seeking to build up and strengthen the church at home.

The following CIS booklets cover topics of current applications in the day to day lives of Catholic Families:

304 – Lord, Teach Us to Pray

To answer the question “What is prayer,” we must realize that our search leads, not to an activity, but to a way of being. Prayer is less a function and more a disposition.

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 309 – Prayer Time

Prayer Time is a wonderful companion for families to use in order to grow in the spiritual life. How wonderful if families throughout the world would spend time together each day offering prayers found in this wonderful volume. It goes without saying, that Prayer Time is a useful guide for anyone who truly wants to grow in holiness.

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310 – Letter to Families

Before his election to the papacy, Karol Wojtyla, as priest and bishop, spent long hours counseling young adults and newly married couples; as poet and playwright he explored the challenges confronting couples in dramas such as The Jeweler’s Shop; as a professor of philosophy he examined ethical decisions faced by couples within marriage in such works as Love and Responsibility.

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 315 – The Good Life, God’s Way

This booklet is an introduction to the good life—the really good life—for Roman Catholics. Jesus Christ is Himself the Way (John 14:6), and to follow Him means to take up a holy manner of life and to become the kind of wise, strong, pure, and good men and women that God wants us to be.

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318 – The Family in the Modern World

In Familiaris Consortio, Pope John Paul II asks us to be realistic about the situation of families in our time. Not every new development has been a positive one, nor has every social change had a negative effect upon family life.

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319 – A Scriptural Rosary for the Family

The Rosary is a school, that is, a method of prayer for all times and seasons. For many centuries, Catholics have turned to the Rosary to learn the Gospel, to contemplate the face of Christ in their ordinary lives, but also during times of conflict and danger.

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 322 – Becoming a Real Man of God

The author discusses the challenges of forming Christian men today.

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324 – Mary, The Mother of God

Mary as the mother of God; her Immaculate Conception, perpetual virginity and Assumption.

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327 – Saint Benedict for Busy Parents

This booklet introduces the reader to Saint Benedict, his Rule and his spirituality with the aim of providing a means for spiritual advancement amid the bustle of family life.

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328 – Saint Joseph: Our Father in Faith

This booklet discusses Saint Joseph as a “man of faith” and “the just man,” providing a timely reflection on Saint Joseph as a model for all Christians.

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333 – God’s Plan for Love and Marriage

This booklet provides an introduction to some of the key concepts of Pope John Paul II’s Theology of the Body, as well a reflection questions and recommendations for further reading.

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390 – Faith: Questions and Answers

This booklet contains 101 questions and answers concerning Christian doctrine and practice.

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10168 – The Gift of Fatherhood – What Every Man Should Know

This booklet discusses three focal points of Fatherhood: (1) the crisis facing fatherhood in our country and our culture, (2) an approach grounded in God’s fatherhood and what that means for human fathers, and (3) an action plan designed to make us better fathers, better sons, better brothers, and better husbands.

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