Columbian Award

Complete and submit  the Columbian Award Application (SP7) found in theCouncil Report Forms Booklet (#1436) or at Councils must conduct and report at least four major programs in each of the Service Program categories: Faith, Family, Community and Life. Completed applications must reach the Supreme Council office by June 30.

In addition to meeting the traditional Columbian Award requirements – conducting at least four programs in each category – each of the Columbian Award categories also has at least one featured program. By meeting all requirements for a featured program activity in a particular category, a council fulfills TWO requirements for that category.


What are the required programs?
A: These programs are:
• Faith: Spiritual Reflection Program
• Family: Consecration to the Holy Family
• Community: Helping Hands
• Life: Novena for Life

  • New Requirement for Columbian Award

    A new requirement for the Columbian Award was announced during the annual Membership Seminar at the Supreme Convention. To earn the Columbian Award, councils must now conduct at least FOUR Faith in Action activities that are also designated as domestic church programs.  CLICK HERE